When working with the public on an everyday basis, education never ceases. It means staying on top of trends, continuing to remain fresh in training and techniques, and ensuring you are abreast of the latest skills necessary to complete the job. Occasionally, it also means passing your knowledge onto others. For jail and prison operations professional Brad Hompe, education comprises all of these facets. Completing his Bachelor of Science degree in criminal justice and psychology at Winona State University in Minnesota wasn’t simply enough for a lifelong career dedicated to public service. Rather, he continued his education with a Master of Science in public administration from the University of Wisconsin at Oshkosh, which has immensely aided his jail and prison work at a leadership level.

But for Brad Hompe, this also was not the end. He has earned multiple law enforcement certifications to further aid his personal endeavors, including firefighting certifications. His specialized training in the field also regularly occurs and is vast — numerous “use of force” courses including weapons training, emergency response lessons and more; incident command and incident management; administrator level training, such as jail inspections and planning new institutions; and fire service training. Additionally, Hompe serves as an instructor to others moving into the field. He has shared his valuable knowledge from decades of work through various hands-on and other courses, such as criminology, crisis management, police operations, public administration and even the jail officer academy.